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Who knows this game and played it?

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n3rd said...
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Hello there, fellow gamers.
I am a big fan of adventures, and in my course of playing those i stumbled upon Sanitarium, a wonderful piece of older gaming culture that demanded my attention.

I have to say, as far as it goes for adventures i haven't played anything better story-wise. Call me crazy, this one just got to me, may the graphics be bad as they are.

Who else experienced this game? Hit me!

Sanitarium (PC)

Genre/Style: Adventure/Third-Person Graphic Adventure
Release Date: 21/OCT/98
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Is it on Steam? Because I have that... Should be cheap
No results were returned for that query.
Yeah I don't think so. Maybe we will see it there at some point..
Did you check out the game page for other people who have played it? :)
That would have been too easy for me :P

I've never heard of it. :o
Oooh! Sanitarium I love that game. Any part that had the insane asylum was awesome. Although being a bug was fun too. That game brings back memories.
HA! Finally :D I knew someone would know it :D
I know it but I've never played it. I come from a family rich with adventure history, back in the 90's our computer was loaded with every adventure game you can think of -- From Monkey Island to Leisure Suit Larry (though I never was allowed to play Leisure Sui Larry).

From what I've heard it's a solid classic.
@TheTot Leisure Suit rock! Well until it was ruined by Seirra by firing the main guy and then putting in on the Xbox.

When I was playing Sanitarium I was also playing Torment. Greta games.
Yay, adventurers unite! Sometimes it seems to me that the pure adventure sector isn't that big anymore. But as i see, there are still people here :P
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